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1x 1920x1080 23" OR 2x 1600x900 20" GAMING

The title says pretty much everything. I currently have a Acer S200HL 20" display and there are 2 screens at 40$ off from staples. There's another Acer S200HL which is exactly the same as i have right and there's another Acer which is 23" and have a 1920x1080 resolution. I was wondering if it would be better to play with 2 screens or with one bigger screen ? I'm curently running a GTX 660Ti from Asus. Which one of the 2 choices would have the better framerates ? Which one will be more playable and make the game experience better ? Thanks.

- The Brownie
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    The single monitor as you can't eyefinity on 2 if that is what you mean
  2. Ohh i thought it would work ahah thanks i'm going for that 23" !!
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