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My new computer has a rapid soft clicking sound that is likely coming from the video card.

The clicking sound only happens when I'm playing a graphics intensive game or stressing the gtx 660 out.

I ran prime95 stress test for the cpu and there was no sound. The sound appeared when I ran 3dmark11. I also used msi afterburner to adjust the fan speed on the GPU and this doesn't produce clicking. The clicking only happens when the gpu is under load and is not related to the fan it seems.

Any ideas what this might be? I checked all the fans and none of them are touching any wires.

EDIT: Ok so I replaced the gpu and the sound is still there... Any suggestions?
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  1. I have this exact same problem. The entire operating system runs fine, all temps are normal and all drivers are up to date. I have the same graphics card as you. I have been reading around and it seems like the power supply could be suspect. I haven't been able to replace it so I don't know if this could be the problem. What is the wattage for your pcu?
  2. Put the Gpu fan on manual control and set to say 30%, run your game and see if it still clicks,
    I found my cards could get a bit clicky once the fans kick up despite them being hybrid watercooled so I set them at low speed to stop it
    and watch your temperatures as well
  3. So I am not sure if I have fixed the problem (after a few hours of troubleshooting (i.e. messing around with various settings)) but have come to the conclusion that it is in fact the PSU. The output on the +12V rail is 23 Amps and the minimum required is 25 Amps. Everytime the GPU needs a kick of extra energy from the PCI-E from the PSU, it causes a power failure. Although the amount of watts produced (600W) is probably enough, because the PCI-E doesn't give enough juice, it overloads the PSU. I will be changing that out and will post an update. Fingers crossed.
  4. Maybe thats also something for the Op to check over?
  5. OP, have you managed to find an answer? same thing is happening to me - weird clicking noise from a new system with gigabyte gtx 660 ti oc, only occurs when gpu is under load. noise isnt coming from gpu fans as the clicking appears to be separate (tried manually adjusting gpu fan speeds). no clicking occurs when stress testing cpu with prime95. also in response to paw1290's comment my psu has plenty of amps in the 12v rail.

    if anyone has any clues as to whats going on itd be much appreciated :)
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