I cant instal windows 7 to my brand new custom computer. bootmng missing

my name is noah and i just ordered a new computer piece by piece and am trying to instal windows 7 but halfway through it said bootmng missing please help
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  1. try to download a new one what
    my windows 7 was just bought brand new
  2. In BIOS, make sure your DVD drive is listed as the first boot device, format the hard drive again, and restart the installation.

    -Wolf sends
  3. +1 to Wolfshadw's answer

    Occasionally happens. Try restarting the process from scratch.
  4. Did you do a full format or a quick format? If you do a full format it will give you that error every single time. If you do a quick format - do so through the Windows installer and then it will format the drive and install Windows on its' own.
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