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Hey, I am building my PC, and I was wondering if I could use my 640GB hard drive from my old laptop I took apart, It already has Windows 7 on it, as well as some files I might want to use, so yeah. I was thinking I would just use that, then I can take the price of Win7 and a hard drive out of my build! However, I kind of want to start with a clean system, so could I burn Windows 7 onto a disk, wipe my hard drive, and re-install? Thanks so much!
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  1. Windows isn't tied to the hard drive, it is tied to the motherboard of the system. So your going to have to get a new copy.Sometimes the connectors for a hard drive in a laptop can be different than ones for desktops,depending on the model of the hard drive
  2. You can yes re-install the hard drive BUT windows will not come with it, it unique to more than just the HDD so you would have to get a new copy. If you are building a new computer with this the laptop HDD will slow down your computer. I in general would recommend you get a new one for two reasons, speed and storage space two things everyone can use a little bit more of these days.
  3. Ok, well what would you recomend, I want to go with 500GB, because that is all I'm going to need for the moment, but should I just suck it up and pay $15 more for an HDD
  4. That won't work.
    When Windows is installed, information about it is written into your Motherboard's memory and onto the HDD where it was installed, it gets a special assignment mark unique for that particular installation on that particular Motherboard and HDD. Thus, if you try to simply put an HDD/SSD with Windows onto another Motherboard, that Motherboard won't recognize your Windows (because it was installed with another Motherboard, and each Motherboard has it's own unique assignment number) and it won't work.
    Putting it simply: you have to install Windows/Linux/Other OS from the scratch, every time you change from one Motherboard to another.
  5. 500GB hard drives aren't to expensive now, maybe $50. New copy of windows 7 will run you around $95 on amazon
  6. OP, you CAN use that HDD if it's connectable to your desktop Motherboard, but you'll have to completely format it before the installation of the OS anyway. And as I said before, simply moving "HDD with OS" onto another Motherboard won't work, so YOU'LL HAVE TO get a new, fresh copy of Windows/Ubuntu/Other Linux Distributable/FreeBSD etc., before you try the installation. And for Windows that pretty much means that you'll have to buy it (either a hard copy, or downloadable installation from M$ store).
  7. I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate and all, but could I go to my friends house, pirate Win7, burn it on a disc, and use that?
  8. UbuntuLinux is FREE, ya know... :\
  9. wouldn't even try to pirate windows
  10. Linux is FREE, ya know... :\

    P.S. And there's *ine on Linux. Shhh!..I did not tell you this, you don't know me, we haven't met before. %)
  11. Yeah, I was looking at linux, and I liked the look of Zorin OS, PC BSD, and Puppy Linux, but how would I install it.... Plus, what if I want to switch to win7 in the future?
  12. The other thing, There really isn't that much compatibility game wise for Linux....
  13. FlyingPigman said:
    The other thing, There really isn't that much compatibility game wise for Linux....

    There are a few guides on how to make games compatible, with a couple of hours of work you can get most to all games to run on a linux box.
  14. Just a tip (You didnt hear it from me)

    But you can install from any windows disk, go to the piratebay and get Windows loader... Open the program and click activate...

    I have windows 7 ultimate on 7 computers in my house...

    No way to tell it is not a legit copy of windows, so no way to ever be caught.

    (3.68MB program)

    You didnt hear it from me..
  15. McLube:

  16. McLube before you get to McLubbin?

    And that made me laugh
  17. FlyingPigman said:
    ZorinOS, PcBSD, Puppy Linux

    I think it would be better for you to start with Ubuntu. It's basically the Linux-equivalent of Windows (in the good sense of the phrase, lol). It's the "most-easiest-to-use, most-easiest-to-learn-from" Linux Distributable made so far. Latest versions of Ubuntu are quite on a par with modern Windows, actually. Ubuntu has almost everything you'll need, usually pre-installed, and has constant updates, getting polished more and more to the perfection almost all the time.
    If you're just starting to get into Linux, Ubuntu will be the best choice to begin from.

    How would I install it...

    Linux Distributable

    You're kidding me...just......please...please tell me that you're joking. :??:

    What if I want to switch to Windows in the future?

    You can always store several different OSes on your HDD just fine, and boot them in the order you want them to boot.
    I, for example, have "Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit" as my main OS right now, and "Arch" Linux (or how I love to call it - "Archie" <3) as my secondary OS, and it works just fine.
    As long as you don't mess with file systems, everything should be fine.

    Anonymous said:
    Linux Box.

  18. In Seagate manual it says that You can clone entire HDD with Your Windows and all and just swap the old HDD for the new one? As long as You connect it in the same place. I don't change any components of my PC, only the drive. So it is possible or what? If it is my only concern is that my old drive runs of old PATA wide thingy...
  19. So You can use new HDD with old windows, as long as You don't change any PC components. By using seagate Discwizard software You can clone old hard drive to new one and use and replace your old one with it.
    My problem is that my old HDD is PATA, and new one is SATA3 (so can't put such a wide thing into back of it...)
    I know that was not the oryginal question but You can move Windows to new HDD
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