Would you recommend this PC?

I am searching for a new Gaming Computer, And I was wondering if it's good enough spec wise and price wise.


It's 6250 shekels which equals to 1690.5599 US dollars.

I was considering a different computer at first, with a I5 3570 (non K version) but since it's multiplier was locked I knew it wouldn't last long enough, It also included a Geforce GTX 660 (not sure what brand) 2gb OC edition. With 8 gigs of RAM.

Which by the way is about 500$ cheaper, so what would you recommend? I'm not in a rush of getting a new computer.
But my current one is really holding me back.
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  2. Do you want to overclock at all?

    I would go with the other rig, much better value and is more suited to what your doing. If you do want to overclock then get this rig.
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