XFX Radeon 7850, white horizontal stripes with the game running

I got the XFX Radeon 7850 1GB today and I've started getting the flickering horizontal lines. The lines can be seen better on dark background and dark areas in games. They cannot be seen at all on completly black background from what I've seen. What is important is that this only happens whem I'm actively running a game. The stripes can be seen outside the game as well, but only when the game itself is running.

While I don't know how to describe it to you so you fully understand what I mean I decided to make a video (in a crappy quality, I know): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLad_y8Xfso The video presents a dark gray image in paint, with a game running in the background. I know that the video compression makes it hard to see but you can, if you look closely, notice the white stripes constantly going horizontally through the screen. Before someone says it's because of me recording the monitor with a camera - no, it is not. It's actually even worse when seen irl.

Now, I've seen multiple threads across the Internet describing problems of screen flickering on ATI cards, I've tried most (if not all) solutions and none of them helped. Things I've tried so far:
- checked 12.6 and 12.10 drivers
- enabled and disabled AMD overdrive
- changed the 2d clocks to 700/800 (as that seemed to help some people but well, not me)
- played around with the high performance clocks
- checked the PCI-E and monitor connections
- played with refresh rate and VSync

Note: I am using a DVI->VGA adapter and no, I do not have any way to check if the other options work, nor planning to get a new monitor because of this. There are two DVI ports on the card and yes, I've plugged the adapter into the correct one :). I don't see however, how this can be a problem with adapter, as this is not an issue when there's no game running. For example: I can have that paint image opened in the foreground and the game loading in the background and tell when the game started to render the game, as those white stripes will start appearing.

I really hope someone could have a solution for me as this is annoying me quite a lot already..
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  1. Update: Tried to connect the computer to the TV through HDMI and this seemed to fix the issue. Is there really no way other than me getting a new monitor that has eihter DVI or HDMI connector?
  2. i guess you need more coolers inside the case, and you should watch the heat of it cuz i guess its a cooling problem
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