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Ok so I am trying to set up a second monitor. I recentally got a new computer and can only use one monitor with it. (with new graphics card). I am using my old hd tv with a vga card and a vga to dvi converter (apple's) because by graphics card only has 1 vga connection. When I do this, the tv says there is nothing connected with VGA. Am i just being stupid and overlooking something? If you need more info just ask!
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  1. Typically modern GPUs only support one VGA monitor. The DVI-VGA adapter only works on the DVI-I port, and will not work on the DVI-D port because no analog signal is present. If you need a second VGA port you may have to use a display port to VGA adapter. Impossible to tell without knowing which card you have
  2. I only have 1 vga, 1 dvi and 1 hdmi. No display port. Also this worked on my older worse gpu where I used the vga to dvi and it worked.
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