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AMD vision engine control center's manual GPU fan control is non-responsive to changes I make. Just curious if anyone has run into this issue. I realize I can make these changes with other programs but I believe this issue may actually be causing larger problems. Thanks!
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  1. Have you installed other software that alters clock speeds? They get crossed easily, even after removing. Also are you running the older vision control center or the current drivers catatlyse control center?
  2. Drivers/software are up to date and I didn't have any other software until I just got Afterburner to check and see if the fan would respond to that, which it does.
  3. I wouldn't be so concerned then as long as there are no other issues. My CCC doesn't really respond to OC anymore either, but AMD overdrive is better for the CPU and mobo (AMD CPU of course) and MSI Afterburner for the GPU. If it really bothers you, do a very clean removal of GPU driver's and utilities (Afterburner settings can stick even after uninstall) and then reinstall.
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