HELP! Corrupt file and BIOS freeze.

Hello, I had a problem with my crucial RAM, The tracers on one side weren't lighting up. so i went into the BIOS and downclocked the MHz of the RAM, and that seemed to fix the problem. So, as I exited the BIOS, my PC froze. So, naturally I shut the PC off... big mistake...

I kept getting freezes at post... then I got a error message when putting in the OS disk again "The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computel checksum."

This is my first PC... It all went extremely well until this point... What could be wrong???
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  1. If it helps any, I've got a MSI 970A mobo, Phenom II cpu, 8Gb (4x2) Crucial tactical Tracer Ram, and a Momentus XT 750GB SSHD.
  2. Update: I cleared CMOS and now I can't load the windows files... What do I do now? Everything else works just fine... Could it be a corrupt HDD?
  3. grip first off..power off the pc and then pull the power from the ps and drain the mb and use the clear the cmos jumper and go back in and reset the mb to factory default. then go in and see the rev of the mb bios and check with msi to see that you have the newest rev. if you dont your not going to have the newest cpu and ram code. if you can get back into windows after a bios update and reset of the cpu-z and read your ram spd info. under the spd tab and look at what your mb set the ram speed and timing at. you may have to go under dram setting and change the timing and ram speed. if the mb set the ram up right (1333) speed (677) or near it and the right timing leave it alone. most 1600 ram to get to that speed you have to use intel xmp profile that most amd mb cant read. you can try and set the speed up under dram timing and see if the system does not bsod. myself i would run the ram at a stock speed and keep it stable. if you get after the bios update and reset one of the dimms not lighting up check the mb guild see what slots are bank 0 and bank 1. check all the slots for bent pins and dirt. may want to try all the slots with one dimm to see if it comes on.
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    if you have the windows install cd boot from it and try and do a repair install. if not you have to format the hard drive and reload windows.
  5. So, I did everything you told me, and I realized, it's only slot 0 That isn't Working for my RAM... and now I'm getting No Digital signal... should I send my MoBo back to MSI?
  6. And thank you for your help! I will select your answer as best! I could probably get my HDD re-formatted from a friend then I could do another clean install of windows.

    *EDIT* Got it fixed! Thank you soo much! I don't know exactly how... but I got to the BIOS before it could deny me. Thank you so much!
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  8. grip make sure your mb bios is updated. then in the bios make sure your sata ports are set to achi mode as default and the hd as the first boot device.
  9. smorizio said:
    grip make sure your mb bios is updated. then in the bios make sure your sata ports are set to achi mode as default and the hd as the first boot device.

    Done! Works like a charm! Thanks for the help!
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