Photos of my new gaming PC + benchmark results

Here's some photos of my new PC that I finnished building last week. I've been on vacation snowboarding so I haven't been able to post'em until now.

Hope you dig it :D Here you go:

(yes I know the graphics card is in the wrong PCI-E slot, I fixed that after failing boot :p)

Here it is set up:

Here are my Heaven benchmark results, as well as my OC results:

and here's my OC (can't get any higher with stability :/)

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  1. Nice, but I think you should neaten up those cables. :D
  2. Thats so Nice...
    But ya, you should work a little on those Cables.

    As in the 2nd Pic, you can see a cable between your CPU cooler and rear fan. That may affect the cooling a little.

    But still its way cool....
    I too have Blue neon Rig ;)

    And Please post a Benchmark of games....
    Will be helpful though. :lol:
  3. So much ram yet 32-bit... :/

    Edit: misread :P
  4. @mc_creeper: yeah, it's 64 bit w7 pro :P don't really know why it says 32 bit :O

    @rlg and sumukh: this is about as clean as it gets cable-wise. that big cable that goes between my cpu cooler and rear fan didn't reach if I pulled it down into the cable sockets and then out again. It had to go straight in like that to reach.

    And as for the cables on the right, under the SATA slots, they're being used for the SATA machines, so they can't be pulled to the back side of the case either, they won't reach.

    And as for gaming benchmarks, how do you want me to benchmark? Just running fraps?

    In AC3, with v-sync on, I get a constant 60 fps except for in boston where it drops down to about 40-ish.

    If you want any other results let me know =)
  5. edit: I meant to say "cable holes" not "cable sockets" =) (just to avoid misunderstanding)
  6. what monitor is that ? seems old school . you need a new 1440p monitor
  7. lawl. it's a 1080p monitor. 1440p is overrated.

  8. Worst cable management ever, it hurts me on the inside. Please can I fly over to where you live and fix this :P
  9. Sure, get a ticket to Arlanda Airport and I'll come pick ya up ;)
  10. Here's my new 100% stable OC result after a lot of troubleshooting:

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