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[HELP] AMD Radeon 7950 CrossFireX

Just installed two Radeon 7950s, 1TB HDD, and another 8GB RAM. Everything seems to be running fine, but when I go to enable the CrossFireX I get this error: - The bridges are placed correctly, and I am running the drivers that came with the Cards.
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    Have you tried Flipping the bridge?
  2. a friend of mine had the same problem, he had 2 connectors on his karts, and he put 2 crossfirebridges on his gpu, and his problem was solved, i dont know if youre karts have to connectors.
    Ant i still find it stranges it has to work, whith 1.
    trie an other bridge.
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  4. lt_dan_zsu said:
    Have you tried Flipping the bridge?

    Thanks, I didn't think it would matter. And the way bridging works is odd, I have no clue how these things connect to each other. But, it works!
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