Power Color HD 7870 MYST Version vs GIGABYTE Radeon 7870

Hey guys.

So I have a quick question about two cards.


As seen above, the gigabyte card has WAY more reviews on why its better. However, I recently found out that the Power Color 7870 MYST is a better card? Because of its higher memory clock? Is it actually a better buy than the gigabyte one? Another concern was that since it only has one fan, wouldnt it get hotter/louder?

Please guide me on which one is better. Both are on sale at the exact same price. Thank you
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  1. Gigabyte is faster. Core clocks is better than Powercolor.
    And it has 3 fans to make it cooler.

    So, Gigabyte is the way to go.
  2. But Power Color is Tahiti LE right, so its memory clock is much higher (6gb compared to Gigabytes 4.8) would that be of any help?
  3. I'm getting the gigabyte one for like 230 though
  4. Tahiti LE is just a Marketing trick
    It doesn't matters much.

    You should select from those which I suggested above.
  5. Ok thaank you
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