Dell inspiron 560 Graphic card help!!

looking to buy a graphics card for gaming. i have an inspiron 560 base model . i see empty ports on the back of the tower wher a graphics card would be. the monitor cable hooks to a all-in-one card where the speaker outlets are as well. i checked the system info and it doesnt list a video card. i was thinking of buying EVGA GeForce GT 610. would it fit and is it compatible with my computer?
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  1. The 610 is a very low-end GPU; it won't be a big upgrade. What's your budget for the upgrade (for a high enough video card you might also need to upgrade the power supply)
  2. i want some preferably under $100 that will play new games such as AC3. i installed it and it laggs like I'm on-line & pinging 900 or something. i haven't got on line with it yet. still trying to make the game run smoothly. tried updating drivers to no avail. any ideas?
  3. I listed AMD cards btw because they currently offer better value for the dollar at the low-midrange
  4. will those fit in my computer? like i said before, there are four empty card slots so i assume it will. would you guess thats why assassin creed 3 is lagging? no acutal video card just a cpu processor. thanks for the info on the cards. i think i get one of those instead.
  5. Yes, it should fit in the topmost slot. The video card should speed up your game.
  6. thanks for all your help and advice.
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