Need Advice please, Pc is shutting down at random times during gaming.

Hey guys, pretty much during gaming my computer automatically turns off i cannot replicate it, it can be after an hour or after 3 hours. This happened after i upgraded my OS to windows 8 64bit, i was running windows XP before and this problem NEVER occurred on the exact same system.

Originaly i thought it was my temps on my GPU and CPU but i cleaned out my computer of dust now my GPU rarely hits over 65c and my CPU 50c under load and the reset still happens.

i tried underclocking my GPU i think it made the resets occur less often but that could just be a coincidence.
i also used to unlock my CPU and turned that off and that didnt fix it either.

I have a AMD Phenom II 555 X2
4GB DDr3 ram
5770 Ati radeon
650W Ultra PSU
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  1. 99% of the time this is PSU related. Is that a certified 80 Plus PSU? Cheaping out on a PSU is bad bad, get a good Antec 80 PLUS. I have a 750W that's lasted me 3 years with 2 5870's etc.
  2. its an 80% efficiency PSU.
  3. I should be a CPU overheating!
    Note your core temperature while gaming. It shouldn't be crossing 62 degrees c
  4. One of your sticks of ram could be bad. You could try to play while having a stick out at a time to see if it still crashes. XP wouldn't have been utilizing all four gigs, but with problems like this you just have to narrow things down.

    Make sure your video card fan is spinning and isn't clogged etc. Same with your PSU fan if it has one.
  5. video card and cpu are not over heating, i have been monitoring them cause i thought that was the issue. it could very well be the ram, i'll give that a try. :)
  6. okay so i ran memtest on the first piece of ram and no errors, when i did the 2nd ive got 3 errors and its only done 2.8% they say: " Memory error detected! copying between Xxxxxxxxx and Xxxxxxx did not result in an accurate copy"

    in each error the xxxxx values were different but i think you guys get the idea.

    can anyone confirm that this would cause a shutdown during games?

    Update: i let it run the full test and i got the same error a total of 28 times.
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