Crysis Crashing on Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1GB

Alright so since I got a job I've been upgrading my computer with some quality parts now, though one of my parts has been giving me trouble for days now.


OS : Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64
PSU : Cooler Master 550w PSU
Mobo : Asus M5A97 R2.0
CPU : AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition (125w) (Stock : 3400MHz (200x17) OC'ed : 3800MHz (200x19))
RAM : 16GB (4x4) G.Skill Ripjaws X Series (1600MHz) 9-9-9-24
GPU : Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 GDDR5 1GB
SATA1 : DVD R\W -\+ Writer
SATA5 : 160GB Hitachi Deskstar SATA II
SATA6 : 500GB Western Digital (Pre-Black/Blue era) SATA II

So, I bought this video card ( the 6850) from a co-worker at work for 120 bucks, and everything was working fine for a while but now, no matter what I do, I can't play crysis or farcry 3 without the games crashing after 5 minutes of play (Typical crash with windows error message). I'm not even over clocking it (Im leaving it at the stock 775/1000 Mhz GPU/Memory speeds)

My GPU does rev up its fans when I play the game but it only gets around 65-70 degrees so I don't think its a overheating problem. I did check the PCIE 6 pin power connector to see if it was loose and it kinda was but pushing it all the way in didn't solve the problem.

I did do a driver clean up with drive sweeper but then again, my old card was a Sapphire Radeon HD 6570 1GB so technically they use the same HD 6xxx series driver from AMD. After that I reinstalled the graphics driver but still nothing changed.

I'm really starting to get pissed off here because there's got to be something I can do to get this card to work. My sister was playing Yogbox Minecraft all day on the highest settings and she told me there where no problems. Theres got to be something wrong some where in the system that causing my games (ie crysis) to crash. I just want to get back to trying to defeat that stupid Alien Exoskeleton on the carrier.

BTW, Reinstalling windows 7 is an option, but an unfavourable one since I'm working all week till Tuesday so I wont have much time to reinstall and configure windows to my liking.

If any one has some suggestions on how to make this card more stable please do tell. Also I don't think I can get my money back. If worse comes to worse ill just dump my next pay check into a 7870 or a 7970 (which is also a bit unfavorable since I dont feel like spending 280-370 bucks plus a new PSU on a new card)
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  1. I'm thinking it has nothing to do with the video card itself.

    I'm thinking the problem lies in that PSU. Cooler Master's PSU's are mis labeled, under powered and non protected. Very bad craftsmanship.

    Download FURMARK and run a benchmark. If your PC survives that run it again, on an endless loop and check it every 5 minutes. Don't worry about temps, the card will be fine.

    The 6850 draws more power than your 6570 (which doesn't need external power). I think your PSU is failing to deliver constant power.
  2. I'm currently running Minecraft 1.4.6 with a server along side and I'm using a mod that allows me to push the graphics further by adding AA and AF as well as a bunch of other high quality stuff you get in other games.

    The Box I got the card in said I at least need a 500w PSU and I have a 550w. I only get program crashes, no GPU or System crashes.

    When I first installed this card things where fine, I didn't get any crashes, but since this morning I've been having crashes like mad.

    I don't really have the money right now to buy a better PSU, especially when a better one costs around 60 bucks for a Corsair TX650 PSU

    EDIT : Switched Minecraft to full screen and instantly crashed. Seems like things only crash if I full screen (I run everything at 1080p). Things are fine even if I just maximize the window, or run at the highest windowed resolution that doesn't clip past my monitors borders (1680x1050)
  3. After trying a bunch of stuff like lowering the graphic settings and trying windowed modes as well as different resolutions, nothing, not even down clocking my CPU/GPU to stock or lower speeds has helped. Anything fullscreen will crash now
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