[Bad Display] Motherboard or Graphics Card? {Inspiron E1705}

I recently upgraded and fixed, my dell inspiron E1705 and unfortunately there are a couple of problems, i ordered the motherboard and NVidia graphics card from ebay, presumably the motherboard is fine, but i am unsure the graphics card is working properly and is possibly my issue, i just want to be sure, when i turn it on, it boots the bios, but during all of this there are display problems, they seem to be in a different place every time, and i was wondering if my graphics card is the problem, its a ?Nvidia go FM25000 512 MB graphics card, the best you can get for this model of inspiron... er at least thats what my research has told me, anyway, here are some images.


so, is it my graphics card or my motherbard?
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  1. Quick update:

    i ran the diagnostics, and when it showed the bars of color, i hit N to state that they did not display, and it went through a series of colored screens, first white, red, green, blue, Ect. amazingly enough those displayed fine, no problems, no lines, just whatever color was displayed although i also had a monitor connected to my laptop aswell, that screen did not change, and showed the same graphical problems, mostly what it is, is single pixel horizontal stripes of random color arranged in vertical stripes of blank spaces, and color spaces, that is shown in the first thumb, what are in the next two, are mostly numbers, they appear in the same place most of the time, but change places when a different error pops up, i dont have an OS running yet, but i can do diagnostic checks and change the internal settings, but weather or not this is a motherboard or graphics card problem is still unknown to me, heck, it could be that i still need to do something with the bios (which i know nothing about) or just a matter of installing the OS, either way, this was my long winded status update, and it hope it helps you help me with my problem
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