PSU/Mobo issue??

So it appears I just blew 2 mobo's. My machine kept locking up and I couldn't figure out what the issue was as it was so randon. The graphics would just lock up at any given time. Sometimes it would be days in between and other times hours. I tried replacing the RAM, thought I had it, but the next day, BAM, Locked up. I said okay, I have a newer machine with a bad board, (no usb) So I replaced the board. the only thing I'm using from the old machine is the power supply. The PSU has this high pitched whirring sound, (don't know if whirr is even a word, lol) it only goes away when you flip the switch on the back of the psu. I bought the first board on ebay, installed it into the case and plugged in the psu. it started up and ran for about 10 secs and bam! shut down!. Thinking it was a bad mobo, I got another one with the same results, this one lasted about a day though before it shut down.

That high pitched sound coming from the psu would continue until you flipped the switch when the mobo's were working, you could still hear it when it was plugged into the board, but when the mobo died it would stop when you plug the psu into the board.

Could the PSU be shorting out these boards? wtf??
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  1. post your system specs
  2. a psu should not be making audible noise. the reason it does so only when linked to the motherboard is that the motherboard acts as a switch of its own, controlling (to an extent) the on/off information.

    based on the dying systems, your psu is likely to have a major problem. send it back as soon as possible. some RMA items take a while to replace, and if you no longer trust the brand, you should buy a different one.

    If a new psu does the same thing, and there aren't many reports about faulty psu, then make sure you're not getting some sort of extreme ESD.
    Chipset Intel 945G
    3 gigs RAM
    PSu 430 watts (originally came with a 300 watt.
    Core 2 Duo E4500 (C) DC (2.2GHz /800 MHz) 2 MB L2 cache; Dual Core
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