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Hey guys, I just got a new graphics card (650 TI)
I was wondering, do I need to uninstall the current graphics drivers I have now? And what would I uninstall?
(Currently have gtx 430)
both are nvidia.
I've read that you should uninstall the graphics drivers first before replacing the cards, and I've also read many people use Driver Sweeper for that.
I've also seen that many people say Driver Sweeper is a bunch of BS.

So, I came here to ask - What do I do now that I have my new card and want to replace my 430 with it?
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  1. Since its still an Nvidia card, I suspect you wouldn't have to delete your drivers at all. Though just go through the standard uninstall driver option that should be somewhere in the Nvidia Control Panel, put in the new card and re-install the latest off the Nvidia website.
    If there are any issues afterward than use a utility like Driver Sweeper.
  2. I'm in my "Add or Remove Programs" section of my control panel, and There are 6 Nvidia options that I can remove.
    I think the NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver 310.70 would be the correct thing to uninstall for this, right?
    Would I need to uninstall PhysX, nView, and all that other stuff?
  3. I dont think you do, but it wouldnt hurt too.
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