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I am looking at building a PC solely to run Handbrake and encode some streams I have from flv to mp4. It will need to encode between 4-6 hours of footage a day and I would prefer it done quickly without spending a lot of money. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction about OS and hardware. I would like to spend under $500

Any difference between using Ubuntu or Windows? prefer Linux because it is free

6 or 8 core AMD vs i5 or i7? best bang for my buck

Any other hardware recommendations?

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  1. ^^^^looks like a good build. The handbrake site says it's multithreaded, so it could take advantage of the 6 cores. I have the 1090T and when I encode with format factory, I do 4 at once, set it only use 4 cores, so I still have 2 to not slow down my other stuff.
  2. TheN00bBuilder said:
    I'd be able to make you something under 500 with 7. Here it is;

    Wow, very nice.
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    I have had perfectly good luck with Handbrake in Ubuntu. Try it out first, then give Bill Gates some money if you decide you don't like it.
  4. Aristotelian said:
    I have had perfectly good luck with Handbrake in Ubuntu. Try it out first, then give Bill Gates some money if you decide you don't like it.

    I tried Handbrake on a Linux laptop I have and it worked great other than being incredibly slow (old single core pentium lol). I ended up ordering some stuff for an AMD Linux build.

    This is what I went with if anyone is interested.

    I will use an old GPU that I have lying around and I shouldn't need an optical drive. I will post up some pics once I get it all done as well as some benchmarks if anyone is interested.
  5. Yes, I just tried Handbrake on my old Celeron D desktop and it was taking 3 hours for a movie. Same movie on my Celeron G540 HTPC took 18 minutes!
  6. I finally got all of the parts for the PC and put it together. I decided to do things a little different than just installing Ubuntu. I ended up laying down ESXi 5.1 and creating an Ubuntu 12.10 64bit VM. The reason for this is I may want to have an additional Windows XP machine for some other work that I need to do.

    I got the VM all set up and am using VSphere Client on my W7 gaming PC to access the console. I then used Samba to create a file share between the two (while using a Linksys Gig desktop switch). The end result is a setup that lets me download, record, rip videos on my W7 machine and transfer the files to my Ubuntu machine to do the transcoding.

    I currently have the Ubuntu VM setup with 6 cores and 2 GB of memory with 60GB of disk space from the SSD. Below are a few pictures of the build and the VSphere client display with the Handbrake menu side-by-side.

    Let me know if anyone has any questions or wants to see anything else!!

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