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GTX 460 SE GPU clock issue

December 29, 2012 6:35:48 AM

I have had my evga gtx 460 se for several months, and it ran fine. I used evga precision x to overclock it to 800 mhz with no problems, and it ran all games I've tried on max settings.

Today, I was playing COD BO2, and the fps count dropped to between 15-20 suddenly for seemingly no reason. I checked precision x, and my GPU clock was at 50 mhz. I set it back to 800, and about 5 seconds later, it dropped to 50 again. This is not an overheating issue, it was running at 32c 90f, and it is not an issue of power, because it has run fine for months before this. I really don't know what might have caused this, and any help would be appreciated.

The only thing that has changed is the keyboard since I got a new Saitek Cyborg gaming keyboard, nothing else.

gigabyte s-series motherboard
amd phenom 2.4 quad
evga gtx 460 se
6gb ddr2 pc8500 ram
680 watt PSU