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What should i do ?

I just built a new system with Vista 64. Should i download the new Windows 7 ? I have it on my laptop and really like it. I have heard that the RC build 7100 trial comes to end June 1st, if so what happens then ?
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    Run the RC until it runs out, then buy the full version of Windows 7

    When the RC comes near its expiry it will start with bi-hourly shutdowns (i.e. every two hours it will be unusable for 2 hours). Eventually it will be completely unusable at which point you will need to install a full OS
  2. I think the W7 trial ends June 1, 2010.
  3. Good. I thought it was this June. Thank you
  4. The beta release expires july 1.2009.
    The release candidate will still run until well after the official release is out.
    The official release will require a clean new install, not a repair or upgrade install. If you are ok with that, and it's trial status, then get the release candidate.
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