Imagequest Q17 NOW available @ Outpost $549..ouch

Q17 finally available..price is jacked up $150-200 though to $549..check it..
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  1. is always set higher than Fry's B&M.

    Just wait a few weeks till they start appearing with rebates and sales in store.
  2. Does anyone know if this new batch of Q17s use the Hyundai panel as opposed to the AUO panel? Apparently Hyundai has used the AUO panel for some of their flat panel monitors in the past. If it is the AUO panel, then I might as well buy one of the other cheaper brands that use AUO.
  3. It is also available at for much cheaper...$377! Unfortunately they don't deliver to Canada:(. If anyone finds a vendor with the Q17 that sells to Canada, please let me know!
  4. The one at is not the same. It does not have the DVI connection.
  5. Could someone at Tom's please let us know if the Q17s currently at Outpost are the same (20ms response time, Hyundai panel, etc.) as the one in their review? I have seen a post here where someone claimed the Q17 that they got was 25ms instead of 20ms. I have also seen that Hyundai has used the AUO Panel in the past.
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