Network drive issue in Windows 8 Pro

Hi all!

I am having an issue unlike any other about mapping network drives (in Windows 8 or not).

I am connect via VPN to my university's internet and I am trying to map two drives. I right-click on Computer, map network drive, enter everything correctly and the windows comes up saying "attempting to connect to \\...\...". I get NO errors, it's just that the "attempting to connect" window just stay there - no error, no connected drive, no "not responding", just the widnows floating there and the computer seemingly doing nothing and not throwing up errors of any sort.

I am under bootcamp, if that helps, and Windows 8 on my desktop at home connects to the two drives using the SAME method, without any issues whatsoever.

I have tried connecting via cmd with "net use", from administrator acccount, I turned of the antivirus and the firewall. Nothing helped :(

Thank you so much for your help if you have the answer!

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  1. About the PC in question, has it been upgraded to 8 from an older OS? If so, could you map the drives on it before the upgrade?

    Also, if you're really stuck, try contacting the university administrators/computer maintenence team. They might be able to help.

    Also, how are you trying to connect to the VPN, Wifi or Ethernet?
  2. most likely a credentials mismatch.
    I would specify my proper override credentials to the remote server.
    Here is what I expect you did and why it failed:

    on LocalMachine1 you log on as local admin with a local password that was stored in your SAM database on you local machine.

    you attempt to connect via some user interface: the user interface attempt to connect to the remote server and provides your default credentials. These credentials are not correct for the server and are rejected or are accepted at too low a level.

    what I would do is:
    start cmd.exe as a admin
    net use \\remoteserver\ipc$ /U:domain\useraccount password
    remoteserver = your machine you want to connect to
    /u used to specify user credentials to use to connect
    domain is the actual domain that you want the server to verify your account with
    useraccount is the username on that domain you want to use
    password is the password that is valid for that domain/user combination.

    this connects to the server interprocess communication channel and establishes proper credentials in the domain context of the remote server.

    now when your UI programs attempt to connect to the server the redirector will see that a connection to the server already exists and will piggyback on that connection with those credentials as the default.

    most failures are the redirector supplies your local context (local username, local password and domain to the server. even if the account name is the same the internal SID is not and the server will see a password mismatch and reject or give you guest access.
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