PoV nvidia geforce GTX 550 ti Display Driver has stopped

i keep gettin Display driver has stopped responding and recovered sucessfully,
im using a
PoV nvidia geforce GTX 550 ti not over clocked, driver 310.70 also happens with driver 306.??
i5-2500k cpu @ 3.30Ghz not overclocked
win7 64bit home premium service pack 1

i found a microsoft topic and they did a registry fix some the responds timer was lenghened. but just makes it so the screen blinks black after maybe 1-2hours of skyrim then it will happen more frequently and finally it will minimize and the gam will close and the message, displayer drivers have stopped resonding and have recovered successfully

i love playing skyrim and totally ruins the game when the black screen and game closes when ur half way though a dremer ruin.

any help would be epic, thanks for your time.
p.s ive posted on the geforce forums 0 help.
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  1. Temp or PSU issue

    What PSU do you use, what are the GPU temps after 30mins of Kombuster / Heaven?
  2. ive been watching mytemp of cpu and gpu with msi after burner and easy tune,
    idle gpu temp is 32-38
    system is aout 32-40
    cpu can be as low as 23-32

    just had a displayer driver has stopped responing and it was at 72c-0-72c
    crashed out skyrim.
    when i play skyrim the gpu teams at 70+ highest was about 95c everything is on ultra.
    i thought it might be a cooling issues so i did a massive clean yesteday, got all the crap out of the fan and heat sinks on both the gpu and the cpu. clean out the case and checked all the connections and looked over the card for signs of burning.
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