Freezing in game + Computer won't switch on occasionally

Hi. I am experiencing freezes in most games and also, the computer does not switch on sometimes.

To solve the computer not switching on, i have to turn off the switch on the wall socket for a few minutes before turning it on again and this would normally work.

The bigger problem i have is the freezes during gaming sessions. Sometimes, everything would be fine for hours. And sometimes, the freeze would happen in less than 10 mins in game. When the freezes occur, the amps would continuously play an annoying buzz that sounds like an electric shock sound effect. Nothing would work and the only way out is to press the reset button on the computer.

I also experience the constant flickering of the screen and i have to use Rivatuner to clock down the graphics card to stop that.

All the drivers and directX have been updated to the newest versions. I have also tried switching the ram to different slots but to no avail. I assume the problem is either with the PSU or the graphics card but i would like to make sure i know the problem before i spend money on new parts. I hope someone could tell me what steps i can take to diagnose the problem.

Here's the specs of my computer:

Processor:AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.0 Ghz
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Motherboard: Gigabyte M4A77TD PRO
Graphics card: Radeon HD 4870 1gb
PSU: NZXT Precise 650W
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  1. Most likely it maybe be something Overheating.
    Check your GPU, CPU temps

    And that PSU? I don't think its decent enough.
  2. Could be overheating, the hd4870 was known to run hot, even when new.
    Grab copies of GPU-Z and Coretemp-they're freebies-and see how the temperatures work out.
    I have had a simlar issue,though and it turned out to be the installed sound card, which for some reason hated my rig.
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