CrossfireX or one High power card?

At the moment i have one Radeon HD6850 (XFX)

What is the best option, get another HD6000 series graphics card and put them in CrossfireX or get a single 7000 (7850 for example) series card and have it on its own?

CrossfireX is the cheapest option but is it the best performance?

Assume i have 2 PCIe 2.0 x16 on my motherboard (1 free)
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    That is all,

    6850 CF will give good frame rates but the 7870 will be better.
  2. One High power card when ever u can afford it,

    Not all games support CFX, and cfx comes with some of problems it self (bugs, shuttering, need more power, etc..)..

    anyways, if u are on tight buget... anything goes... :D
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