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Happy New Year to all. As this is my first ever post to a forum i apologize if i am doing this wrong. Anyway my question is, is it wise to buy an EVGA GT 640 2GB DDR3 card with my current system? I have a Amd Athlon X2 255 processor (3.1GHz), 4gbs of ram, Windows 7 64bit and currently a Nvidia 9500gt. My power supply is 575W. It is meant for running games, especially intensive ones like Flight Simulator X. If anything im also looking at the EVGA GT440 1GB DDR3

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  1. the 640 is much better than the 440. though it still isn't a great gaming card but you may get by at a lower resolution.

    a 7750, 650, 7770 or 650ti would be much better if you can afford any of those.
  2. Its not really meant for gaming but its probably fine for something extremely low end/non-intensive, like flight simulator x.
  3. Whoa thanks for the quick response. I really cant afford those cards right now so i was looking at those two options. if however i get the gt 640 will it able to work on my system properly?(Yes i have the correct slot)
  4. a 640 will work.
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