Build A Server To host VM in COLO to Rent

I would like to get some opinions on my idea. Im am building a server for my home, but after i see how many VMs i can host on it would like to build a 1U server, and put it in a COLO. Host 5-10 VM's and put each VM with one to two virtual cpus, one to two GB of memory and about 100GB storage, 10-100mb network link 1-2 ip adresses. Unmetered!!

Would this be a profitable venture? if im only paying $50 a month or so for COLO and of course my server build.
just clean win 7 ISO vms
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  1. Not sure how you are going to make money off that. For $50 a month at a CoLo what are you actually getting? Does that include your internet connection and such? I would never even attempt to build a pizzabox server, aka 1U. I'd just go out and buy an HP Proliant 1U server. It just seems very difficult to find short enough coolers and parts for that. You are also going to want server grade parts and not just desktop component as the CoLo probably stacks servers one on top of another you will want the real deal as to prevent failures. Desktop components just aren't designed to run 24/7/365.

    You are probably looking at a few grand for a server.
  2. Yes... it comes with 100mb unmetered. and i never said what hardware i was using.. i can get a 2x quad core xenon server 16gb ram and a 10k Sas HDD or two. for about $500... i was asking if its a good idea.. i have all the technical parts worked out just wondering if anyone would be interested
  3. Depends on what you are trying to sell.

    $500? Sign me up for one of those servers!
  4. If you are charging money, it has to stay up. You can't build a reliable 24x7 server for $500, sorry. I do this for a living. And if your customers ask what kind of hardware you use, do you want to say, "I threw together some cheap sh-- I found!".

    As a business model, you have to figure out who your customers will be and why they would pick you. Have you thought about that? Amazon has a cloud service, so does about 100 other big datacenters. Why will they choose you?
  5. as a matter of fact.. it is a real server i didn't say my source i just listed the specs. i can easily host this man operational vms on my desktop and yes the bandwidth would be included and i could purchase additional ip's.
    why wouldnt i make money.. its hard to find VPS for under $50 with 2 gb ram 100gb hdd windows 7 and unmetered..

    and usually when you go to a vps host they dont tell you the server specs they usually just list packages like
    1ghz cpu
    1gig ram burstable
    300mb bandwidth
    30gb hdd... how is this better?
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