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Hello! I can NOT run an ethernet cable to my computer upstairs, so I want to get a Wifi card for my build, and I was wondering if it would be compatible with my mobo.

Motherboard: ASrock 970 Extreme 3 AM3+ Motherboard:

Wifi Card: Rosewill RNX-N300X IEEE :

So yeah, I was just wondering if this will be compatible with my Motherboard (as in will it fit in it) as well as how well y'all think this will work. If you have another suggestion for around the same price, please tell. Thank you!
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  1. It will most definitely work. But I came across this same issue when I moved into a new house. Honestly I didnt want to go wi-fi with my gaming, so I found an alternative. Its a powerline network adapter. It works great for me and ive had no problems in the year I've been using it. Here's a link (
    they are worth looking into.
  2. IF you wanna go wireless, this is a bit cheaper - - the powerline adaptor is also a great idea.
  3. The problem with a adapters like those, is that if your PC is in a dead signal zone you will get poor reception. I would recommend this USB wireless adapter because it has an extension cable that allows you to place the antenna in the best spot for reception. I have sent it out with several of my builds and all were happy. It is very easy to get up and running.
  4. Allright, I understand about the USB thing, but isn't going through USB a bit slower than direct PCI?
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