Router Won't connect to internet, but Computer will

So, I have a stumper. Already puzzled d-link support and my isp support guys.

Heres my set-up. In my office building, there's a computer company that gets bundled T1 lines and sends them out to the offices and we pay them. So, in my office i have a jack with a cat5e cable that goes to my router. The issue is that the router's internet light won't turn on.

We're on our third router and second brand so I'm pretty sure the router's aren't the problem. If i connect my computer to the same cat5 cable I get the internet without an issue. But, when i put my router in there, it gets nothing. Not even a yellow light.

Any ideas?
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  1. Did you already check the jack to insure it was not wired wrong, like mis-matched pairing or reversed polarity? Some network chips are better than others at automatically correcting wiring issues, so it is possible for a jack or cable to work with one device and not another.
  2. yeah we plugged directly into the switch with no luck,..
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