How to figure out if my video card is compatible

My computer is an hp pavilion media center m8120n TV PC that I've had for god knows how long ( I want to upgrade the graphics card in hope that I can play some more modern games my current upgraded video card is a GeForce 8400 GS, I'm looking to upgrade to a GeForce 9800 GT but I don't know if they're compatible
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  1. Yes 9800gt will work. Can you tell your budget for gpu as we can reccommend some other.
  2. Since your motherboard has a PCIE slot then yes, you could run a 9800 GT, you could even run a GTX 690 (space & PSU permitting). PCIE is backwards compatible.

    Edit: A Radeon 7750 would be a better option as it's slightly faster than a 9800 GT but I don't think it warrants the extra $30. As ASHISH65 already implied, a lot is determined by your budget.

    GeForce 9800 GT $57
    Radeon 7750 $87
    Radeon 7770 and Antec 450W PSU $141
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