What would you change?

Ordered it today. Would you change anything? Within the same price range of course.
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  1. Everything except the PSU.

    EDIT. EXCEPT THE OS. Lol not the PSU.
  2. Windows 8 is crap.
  3. So if you ordered it... why are you asking?

    I'd change everything except maybe the SSD. I'd get an i5 and windows 7 along with a different PSU.
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    if your not gonna use 2 gpu's then the psu is an overkill
  5. I have 30 days to return it. I don't like intel, I'm a amd guy and the psu is cheap the 650 version costs exactly the same. But ok, how about some suggestions then? Keep the end cost the same
  6. i5-3570k is still King even if you don't like Intel.
    It's a fact =(.

    I don't like Intel as well and love AMD but there's nothing really great going on with AMD CPUs.
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