Need CPU, Mobo and RAM for home server $250 budget

I would like to keep this under $250 if possible.

I already have: 3 x WDCaviar Red 3tb HDD, a 60gb SSD, Case and Power Supply. I also have a fairly old pciex vid card if I absolutely need it, but I suppose onboard will most likely be available.

I plan to run the box headless with debian and have my storage managed by greyhole. Drives fill quick and I will increase the storage as needed (Highly doubt I will exceed 6-8 HDDS). Gigabyte LAN is a must. Mostly the box will handle downloading / seeding media and serving it up for the local clients. I plan to run a few things for seldom remote access like subsonic and FTP for my personal access.

I am really clueless what would be best for my needs / budget. Should I be looking at AMD or Intel CPUs. What motherboards are best for this application? How much RAM would be recommended. I would appreciate any and all feed back or suggested builds. There is a little flexibility in the budget if it means a significant upgrade too.
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  1. Anyone? I am thinking I am stuck with intel i3, AMD FX, Phenom II or A series. I really don't know what would be best for this application...
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