Windows 7 not recognizing GPU

Can't believe this *** has happened again.

About 3-4 months ago, my GTX550ti crashed on me and couldn't work, I made a thread here previously looking for a solution to no avail, and so got a new card, a GTX670.

Now, my new card has failed, freezing the screen halfway through a session in BF3. Several restarts with BSODS (couldn't read the text fast enough to post anything useful here) later I decided to switch to the onboard Intel graphics to post here.

System specs:
ASUS P8H67-M LE i7-2600 @ 3.40 GHz
12GB DDR3 1333Hz Kingston RAM
ASUS GTX670 Direct CU II
(what else do I need to put here? :P)

Anyway, an inspection with Device Manager shows that Windows has not detected the GTX670, and so any attempts at driver installation are unsuccessful (Nvidia updater cannot proceed).

Hardware IDs (from the Properties menu of the onboard Intel graphics):

The GTX670 is plugged in along with all auxiliary power cables, and the fans are spinning. I suspect maybe it blew a solder but I hope that's not the case, I do not want to have to buy/RMA a GPU every few months just because they can't do what they claim to do.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks alot :)
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  1. I believe it provides 650W, though I can't remember it's name.
  2. Yeah, find out the brand and model of your PSU or give us the numbers off the side inside the case....
  3. Okay, here it is:

    Cooler Master RS-650-PCAR-E3
  4. Ok I uninstalled Nvidia drivers and reset my BIOS and then for a while it seemed to work, the GPU was able to display on my primary display (TV, I'm typing on my backup monitor). However, after reinstalling Nvidia drivers (latest) and rebooting the same BSOD problem came up again.

    The GPU also runs pretty hot even though it isn't even displaying anything. Help please!
  5. How do you monitor temps and what are they?

    Your card may be full of dust or the heatsink paste may be dried out. You could blow it out with compressed air and try it.

    If that only helps a little you may want to remove the heatsink and re-apply thermal paste. Let us know if you need instructions.
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