Could i change my A6 AMD quad-core processor to a A10 AMD quad-core processor

Can I do it ? or should a tech do this?
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  1. depends on socket, AMD a6 has 2 socket varians,: FM1 and FM2

    A10 is FM2 socket :)
  2. You would need to make sure your motherboard is an FM2 socket motherboard and not FM1. The A6 comes in an older FM1 and a newer FM2 socket. A10's are all FM2. You will also need to be comfortable removing the existing heatsink and CPU and then installing the new one. It really isn't that hard, but you want to be ok doing this.
  3. Question: Change from A6 to A10?
    Answer: Nope(if you're talking about moving from an FM1 to an FM2 chip)

    reason: you'd need to change the board out due to the change in socket type(i.e pin layout as per fab) something Intel have been doing from a long time since.

    If its FM2 alone then yes its possible
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