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when on my computer i was in the windows 7 resolution settings. i changed the display to something different and now it says no signal. i can see everything fine until after windows says welcome, my HDTV goes blank and says there is no signal
it also works in safe mode. what should i do?
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  1. If you know how to get to safe mode choose vga mode instead. Then change your resolution to the proper one (720 or 1080 for HDTV) and you should be good.
  2. how do i get too vga mode cause i get to safe mode when my computer asks if i want to start windows normally
  3. After your bios screen flashes press f8 a bunch of times. You should get a list of things including Safe Mode, VGA Mode, etc. That's where you choose VGA Mode. If you don't get it right away keep trying, starting to press f8 at various times.
  4. IIRC just changing the resolution settings when in safe mode should do the trick. at least it worked in previous versions of windows
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