Is MSI N630GT-MD4GD3 really worth it?

I'm thinking about getting a new graphics card, but the pricing on this seems too good to be true so I thought I'd ask before wasting my money.

I'm running a 64-Bit AMDFX-6120 6 core processor 3.5 Ghz
10 GB DDR3 ram
AMD HD 7450 1024 MB

My machine runs Skyrim like a dream on Ultra Settings with resolution set to 1280x720, but when I use the 1920x1080 it really lags. I was thinking of buying this MSI N630GT-MD4GD3 GeForce GT 630 4GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card at newwegg for around $80 here's the link:
But I'm not sure if it is really going to be an improvement b/c well, when something sounds too good to be true......

I want to be able to play Skyrim on the highest settings as well as tomb raider and GTA V when they come out, is this purchase the right decision?
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  1. No No do not get gt 630 at not good for gaming.tell your budget dude
  2. what would you recommend, trying not to break the bank over one component, under $200 would be nice. Thanks for the response btw, I don't know much about GPU's
  3. Please tell your max screen resolution.
  4. 1920x1080 max resolution

    current GPU is Raedon HD 7450, monitor is Samsung SyncMaster S24B30BL
  5. could I SLI a DDR3 and DDR5? memory type together, would pairing an HD 7750 provide the results I'm looking for? Can I SLI the 2 cards together b/c they are both AMD 7000 series correct or do I need two 7400 series or two 7700 series etc.? If so do they need to be the same memory type(DDR3 vs DDR5) I've read that ideally they would be identical cards but you can do it within the same series.

    I Just bought a new comp for myself right before Christmas and it was meant for a powerhouse of a work computer, but now I think I'd like to game a little on it as well and want the best experience possible(didn't build it w/ gaming in mind so I think its a low-mid range gaming rig), though just dropping nearly $1k last month($700 to be more precise) I want to be thrifty while still not wasting my money by making the wrong/ill-informed purchase. I found a 1GB 7700 series w/ ddr5 and a 2 gb 7700 series w/ ddr3 which I believe is what my current GPU memory type is.

    What advice would you give in order to achieve the best performance while staying on budget of $100-$200? Thanks for all the help I know just enough to be dangerous apparently :)
  6. Can can Crossfire them, but it's recommended you crossfire ddr3 and ddr 3 together, same with ddr5, due to the difference in technology. If you're looking to achieve the best performance graphic card from 100-200$'s, look no further, Tom's hardware has a list themselves.,3107-4.html
  7. Get hd 7850.2gb is reccommend for future proof.
  8. Thanks for the replies and links, they were very helpful. Think I'll go with the 7850 @ $185 its in my budget. With my current specs in the OP will the replacement of the GPU make my set up a pretty good gaming rig in your opinion?
  9. Yes hd 7850 is very good for that resolution.
  10. ASHISH65 said:
    Please tell your max screen resolution.

    i have amd fx 8150 8 core processor, os windows 7 64 bit, ram 16gb i m using gpu-ati radeon hd 5450, i wanna change GPU. so please tell me which one is suitable for it.
  11. 1920*1080
  12. 1920x1080 max resolution
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