Low wattage PSU?

I recenly upgraded my computer and these are its specs:

PSU: SevenTeam 650w 80+ Bronze
Mobo: ASUS M5A97 R2.0
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4GHz 140w
VGA: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 7870 Ghz Edition
RAM: Kingston 4x4 GB DDR3 1600MHz Modules (KHX1600C9D3K4/16GX)
HDDs: 2 x Seagate ST3500418AS in RAID0
Sony AD-7280S CD/DVD-RW Reader and Writer
I have 5 case fans, 3 are 250mm (these have leds) wide, 1 is 140mm wide and the last one is 120mm wide.
The CPU cooler is a Coolermaster Hyper N520.
Most of the time I have either 6 or 5 USB devices plugged which can draw power from the PSU.

So, this is my second build ever. On my first build I had no problems whatsoever, I installed Windows, the temps were fine and I was ready to go. Then, with this build, the temps were even better, however after I installed windows, it was running slow, I mean, slower than it used to run in the older build. Then, the computer started rebooting on its own (very randomly - there were times it took 10 minutes to reboot, other times it took 30 minutes and the longest I saw was a whole hour), so I decided to run Prime 95, to check if my RAM was having any sort of problem, but no, it passed every test (I had let it run for 10 mins) and my computer didn't reboot during the tests, but it did 5 minutes after I stopped them, and at the time I was only browsing the web! After thinking for a while I thought that maybe the PSU wattage was the problem, so I checked my mobo manual, and there was this link ( wich led into a "Recommended Power Supply Wattage Calculator" website. After calculating, it recemmended a PSU of a minimum 750w.
So, my question here really is: Does the problem really lie in the wattage of my current PSU?
Here in Brazil, the country i live, hardware is really expensive, so I can't afford to buy a new PSU and realize that this wasn't the problem after all.
Thank you guys in advance, and sorry for any inconvenience.
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  1. i doubt you need that much, most rigs consumes 300-400, a 550 can run a gtx680

    not familiar with the brand of your psu, but if what you have is good, that should be more than enough.

    the biggest factor is if you will go sli/xfire, which you are not, so you should be ok
  2. start with the mb make sure it has the bios updates. with the ps look at the 12v leg see if this ps has one or more legs. most good gamng ps now have one large 12v leg. make sure from ati web page you have the newest amd mb chipset drivers. also look in add/remove programs for more then one anti virus program/malware program. also try msconfig and turn everything off in start up..the nrun a virus scan and malware scan. run from a boot disk (hirem boot cd.) memtest86, hd tunes to read the smart info of your hard drive and vendor test tools for the hard drive.
  3. Ok, thanks, i'll try that.
  4. I did everything listed, memtest showed absolutely no errors after running for 6 straight hours, HD Tunes reported good speeds and no errors too.
  5. Let me just say that these crashes only occur when I'm logged into windows, cause i can leave it a day straight in the bios and nothing occurs. Though i don't think the problem lies in the software, because i installed windows twice to check if i had had a bad intallation. Also, I noticed my PSU emits some sort of beeping sound (mechanical, not a speaker) when under medium-light load.
  6. Oh, and also,the event viewer reports a "Kernel-Power" error.
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    sound to me the part that may be the issue is the power supply. that there a bad cap or part in the power supply that cant handle the load at start up. I would see if a friend has another ps or i replace it with a better named brand like coiar or sesonic.
  8. Thanks, I'll see to that today and report later.
  9. After buying a new PSU, reformatting the PC, and still having random reboots, I fanally found ou what was cousing it. I was hte RAM. For some reason, I can only use 2 sticks at a time, so unofrtunately I will have to work with 8 gigs of RAM for a while, but I wil have a fully functional PC.
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