WHAT should i consider to buy?

So, I was thinking to buy a new PC since my old one is not working.
I'm actually writing from my tablet. Anyways, I was thinking to buy a new PC for gaming not much editing well I do edit from time to time.
So I was thinking to buy an:
Intel® Core TM i3 3220 3.3GHz Ivy Bridge including Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 GT Rev2
Mother board: Asus P8H61 -M LX R2.0
Power supply is 700w and will support my PC cause I'll ask them to change it before they give me my PC because I'm pretty sure a 350W is not good enough cause I will add my own video card.
Ram: Kingston 4GB Ram 1333 MHz
Graphics card: Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5

Or replace the i3 with an i5 3470 3.2 Ivy Bridge

So can you please tell for an example how much FPS will each PC run?
Cause I need my money atm I'm saving them for a drivers licence which I will have very soon.
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  1. I would recommend an H77 motherboard, and make sure to get a PSU with a good brand. The I5 will see more performance in most games. However a 5770 will be the bottleneck in that build. For use to post benchmarks, we need to know what resolution and games you play.

    Here are some 5770 benchmarks.
  2. Well there a second reason tat I'm getting a new PC which is my old ram was DDR 2 and my old processor was Athlon X2 dual Core processor 2.21 GHz....
    So I'm pretty sure that I ill see better performance.
    Also my old HDD is only 250 GB sata 2 I have only upgraded the graphics card on it so far.
  3. Here are some benches for crysis at medium settings. This bench is using older cards, if you wanted to get 60 fps you may need to upgrade to a 7850 or higher GPU.


    Can you give us a budget for your build? And include everything you have already.
  4. the tablet gets some stuff confusing I think I Actually edited the old post instead of a replay
    not sure if its only me but still if its isn't only me the post is the old specs I had
  5. Ok, did you have another question?
  6. Yes, well lets jsut say:
    What PC specs (but please specify them) Do i need to run Crysis 2 at 40-50 FPS at the smallest price possible?
    at my country if in dollars and i3 3220 4 GB Ram DDR 3 1337 MHz 500 GB HDD is around the 450ish thats not cheap..
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