Radeon 6850 on 430w psu?

Hello, I am wondering whether my current 430w psu can handle a radeon 6850. My psu is a Corsair 430w cx v2 or something like that.

My system spec:
CPU: FX 4100
500gb hard drive
6gb 1333mhz memory
Radeon 6770.

Also, how much of a performance increase will I see in terms of fps?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The HD6850 needs 500W and 40Amps on the 12v rail. Your Corsair 430watt PSU only has 32Amps at best, I wouldn't run it on that, It will run with little load, but I would risk it. Remember the whole system needs power as well, not just the card.
  2. Are you an enthusiast gamer that plays the games at their highest settings or are you a plain computer user that browses the internet or watches movie disks or even bluray movie disks from time to time ?

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  3. Upgrade your psu or get hd 7770 which will work with your psu.
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