I replaced old crt monitor-w/ lcd t no signal input msg

I replaced an old CRT monitor with a newer used dell LCD monitor and get a msg on monitor "no signal". The cpu is a newer acer. Connections all good. I've tried unplugging pc and powering up again w/ same message. Now what?
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  1. What kind of cable are you using to connect the PC to the monitor?
  2. The one attached to the monitor (male pin connectors). I made sure it is seated correctly and screwed in the anchor pins.
  3. Wanda, he was asking if it was a VGA, DVI, HDMI, or Displayport connector.
  4. VGA I think. Btw I just plugged in my husband's monitor h it went into sleep mode immediately.
  5. Wanda, are you using a laptop or a PC?
  6. A pc. I opened.the.CPU case, blew out the dust and tried the monitor again. Same message.
  7. There isn't a separate video card (just the motherboard.).
  8. when you press the power to the pc, do you see anything at all on the monitor when it is booting up?
    does that Dell monitor work on anyother computer?
  9. No signal message in 1st scenario. Yes, the dell monitor works on another.pc.
  10. Does the Dell monitor have more than one type of port on the monitor to use a different type of cable? Ie. it might have a port for VGA cable and also a port for an HDMI or Display Port. The cables might not be connected, but i'm just tryingto find out if has any other ports on the monitor itself for different types of cables.
  11. It only has the one hard wired cable and power cord connector.
  12. Thanks for your help Danny - have a good night
  13. The only thing that I can think of at the moment, is that maybe your screen resolution is set too high for that Dell monitor. However, the fact that you don't see anything on the screen before Windows starts to load, makes me doubt that that is the problem.

    When is the last time that you actually checked the Dell monitor on a computer or laptop?
  14. I just plugged the Dell monitor into my husband's computer & it worked just fine. I guess it is the motherboard that went bad - which totally sucks.

    Thanks for all your help Danny - I really appreciate it.
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