GTX 650ti will bottleneck my cpu?

Hi all my beloved IT experts

i have a core 2 duo e6750
with 2gb ddr2 ram(upgrading)
365w psu(upgrading)
and no graphic card ( upgrading )
pci e x16

so i want upgrade to 6gb ddr2 ram
450W or 500W psu
and gtx 650ti
and also gta five

so will my pc run new games like metro 2033 , skyrim , bf3 , max payne 3
on 1280 x 1080 ( my max resol on my moniter ) on high settings without cpu bottlenecking after upgrading?

thank you
and sorry that i changed my decision
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  1. With the dual core, you will bottleneck in newer games such as BF3, that games might not even play on that dual core.

    Since you are Upgrading the RAM, Just buy DDR3 ram and a Intel mobo, and Intel i5/i7 CPU, there you go, should be able to play all games.
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