Which of these is better?

I'm looking at a couple options for a gaming machine for my son, but I've got very little clue what any of this stuff means. I want him to be able to play Diablo III, the new MMO's that are out or coming out and hopefully not be totally obsolete in 6 months. Here are the machines I'm looking at but if you have other suggestions, I'd welcome them too, but please keep them in the same relative price range.

Any help you guys can give me is appreciated!
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    vote for #2
    i5 + gt 660 cant be wrong :)
    8GB is ideal for gaming, 16GB is a waste
  2. Awesome! So, it's a pretty good deal then and it'll play most of the games at least moderately well?
  3. yes :)
  4. Final questions (I think):

    Is this computer better than the second option in the initial post?

    Can anyone suggest a decent monitor for me?

    Thanks again for your help!
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