Buying a pair of 680\'s, EVGA 680 FTW (4gb) or EVGA Hydro Copper (2gb)?

So I have this whole new build planned out for this coming month, but I am stuck on the video cards. I want EVGA 680's but which ones? it is between the FTW edition which carries 4gb of memory per card or the hydro copper edition (which is a 2gig card). this is a $60 or $70 difference so I really could go either way, suggestions would be awesome.

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  1. Not currently, but the machine is still in the concept stage. So changes to the plan can be made.
  2. It would be a better idea to get regular 680's then add waterblocks to them later on.
  3. Alright sounds good, now are the FTW's worth the bit of extra money for the memory bump?
  4. I have two 670's and there is no game i cannot max out so i say your good either way save some money get two 670's.
  5. Alright, thanks very much for the quick replies guys.
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