Please help!! fresh install Black screen after windows loads files.

Ive have recently assembled a system for myself- for office use. After successful assembly of parts, my system booted into the bios without any problem. the problem comes when i try to install an OS. i built this pc without replacing the parts like the GPU, DVD Drive and the HardDrive from my previous pc. Due to IDE incompatibility of my current mobo, m trying to install windows through usb. after choosing primary boot, i successfully booted into usb, but after it finishes its first task of 'setup is loading windows files', i only see a black screen with cursor. I'm able to move the pointer but there is nothing to display.

Info : i am using a Ide to sata converter for my hard drive and my bios recognizes the hardware. Ive have tried re-making a bootable usb with different iso but no luck. :(

Ive even tried winxp but its asking for sata drivers through a floppy which i don't have. :pfff: any solutions for the black screen and cause for that?
extra info : m able to browse through the files in the harddisk from my UEFI asus bios using EZ flash 2 which makes clear that my hard disk is not burnt or is not recognizable.

my config current :
amd athlon II 270 3.4ghz
ASUS m5a97 R2.0 mobo
2gb ripjawzX ddr3 1333mhz ram - 1 stick
nvidia g210 video card
seagate ide 7200rpm 80gb harddisk
sony ide dvd rom

my previous pc config :
intel p4 2.8ghz
intel d915gav mobo
1gb ddr ram
same gpu, hdd, dvddrive.

thnk in advance :)
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  1. you have to install the SATA drivers for XP from the floppy disk when it tells you too or XP cant run
    Google "win xp sata driver"

    But some motherboards will have the option to set the SATA ports to run in IDE mode . Head for BIOS and change AHCI to IDE mode and then it might run without the drivers
  2. thanks for the reply :) . i'll try it and get back.
  3. it worked! thanks a lot :)))) :D
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