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Nvidia 770 vs radeon 5770

My current rig:
- MSI big bang x-power
- Intel I7-930
- Kingston Ram 2x4 and 2x2 for 12 gigs
- 128 gb solid state
- 320 gb hard drive
- antec 900-2 case
- 850w PSU
- Gigabyte Super Overclock series Radeon HD 5770 x 2

Ok so here's my question/dilemma. My two radeons are great but the x-fire is introducing some issues:
- high heat
- top card exhausts on to bottom card
- lots of space
- lots of power
- serious stuttering in some games (namely skyrim)

so I'm thinking about moving to a single high end card. I'd like to take a break from x-fire, try nvidia, and hopefully see a performance boost, but there in lies the problem. From what I've been reading it seems that nvidia is hoping to launch their (what i assume will be labeled) 700 series cards sometime this coming spring. I was hoping to wait a little bit for the initial hype to die down and prices to hopefully level out before buying a card. I was hoping to shoot for something like the 670 FTW only in the 700 series (770 FTW if that's going to be what they call it) my question is can i really expect enough of a performance gain on that single card vs my two radeon 5770's? I understand the 700 series isn't out nor is it benchmarked so this is really more hypothetical and if it helps then maybe just give me an answer for what performance gain i could expect from a 670 FTW and then in theory i could expect more out of the 770.
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    Based on previous generation gains, I'm thinking a 30-35% gain. GTX670 was ~40% faster than GTX570. GTX570 was ~25% faster than GTX470. And GTX470 was ~30% faster than GTX275. So it could be as little as 25% (or less!) or it could be much more. I'd say though that even GTX670 will give a major performance boost over CF 5770s, so a GTX770 should be a huge upgrade.
  2. Great to hear thanks for the reply I think I'm sold on this choice. Now to play this waiting game...Nvidia lets do this!
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