Front Panel Question?

Recently i reset my front case fan, then i plug the front panel back(not the cable to be plug at the mobo)
i turn on my pc from the switch button at the case,
somehow nothing happen,

i able to turn on the pc from the mobo onboard switch button, but not from the case switch
i think i might touch something the time i reset the front fan

do i currently have a dead front switch(so as the reset switch)?
i open the front panel back and check if there any unplug wire etc.. everything seem normal to me
does a new case will solve this?
is there any aftermarket switch button? i seen one in a build log, but i dont really remember it
*im using z77 Mpower board
*an old case

just unrelated question, what happen if someone plug the front panel connecter wrongly to the mobo?
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  1. unplug the front panel power switch from the mb .

    Can you start the computer bt touching the pins on the mb briefly with the tip of a screwdriver?
    If you can there is a problem with the front switch or the wiring to it
  2. i can turn on my pc from the onboard power switch, so yes,
  3. anyone?
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