WoW runs worse after upgrades? HELP!

I got some money for Christmas and decided I wanted to upgrade quite a bit, My old specs were
Video: Radeon HD6450
CPU: Pentium duo 2.7Ghz dual core
Mobo: not quite sure it came on an emachines?

anyway wow ran fairly well but i wanted to play at higher settings i was gettings around 30-45fps anywhere i went, ever since i upgraded my stuff wow can run at max settings, but only if my view distance is on low and i get 100fps. But, when i set everything to low and turn up view distance it runs about 25fps, My drivers are up to date i will post specs of new pc

Video: Radeon HD7770
RAM: 4gb DDR3
Mobo: Asus P8Z 68-v LX
CPU: i3 2120 3.30Ghz quad core
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  1. What PSU do you have? Could be a lack of power, or Perhaps you're still running off your onboard GPU.

    Been a very long time since I played WOW but Anti-aliasing can drastically lower performance no matter what card you have. Did you try running wow with it turned off?
  2. Just gonna guess and say he didnt reinstall Windows.
  3. i3 would be 2 core 4 threads and should be much faster than P4-D.

    From what I remember playing Cataclysm with only 4GB RAM, setting view distance to high was very jerky due to far-distance stuff getting reloaded all the time. That got much smoother after I upgraded to 8GB.
  4. I just did system restore when i got it so i assume it reset windows, anti is set to x1 my psu is 850 watts so i know it can handle it any other posibilities? i think it could be that my cpu isnt running right maybe?
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