Upgrading nvidia 9600gt $200 budget.

Asus quadcore 2.25mhz(could be wrong on mhz, cant remember right now, thinking I am on the low side mhz wise) not over clocking but will if it will help. 4 gb of ram. xp sp3 os. I have a nvidia geforce 9600 gt right now. I can play gta iv on medium settings turned all the way up and get about 30 fps. Computer is connected to a 27 lcd tv only playing on 720p 1280x760 I believe. I now am into arma 2 dayz mod but get very low fps, unplayable. I turned settings all the way down even little to no difference. I have $200 I am willing to spend. Ill buy a card off ebay or anywhere. What gpu do you recommend? What should I look for in a gpu? Thanks in advanced.
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  1. I think you mean 2.25 Ghz, anyways i could highly recommend this card here
    It's the HD 7850 it has a price tag of $204 however it comes out to $194 after a rebate. If you can't do that, this would also be a nice choice for your rig;

    Hope that helped,
    Cheers :)
  2. 2.4 Ghz. Use to cell phone jargon. lol I apprecxiate the help. Anyone else have any ideas?
  3. the 7770 makes more sense and even that might be over kill.
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