Crossfire 7870 and choppy Far Cry 3 gameplay

I'm having issues with Far Cry 3 and my crossfire 7870's. I'm using a 120hz monitor at 1080p. I'm running the game on Ultra and according to FRAPS my frame rate is anywhere from 58-80. But the gameplay is choppy and laggy as hell. There's nothing smooth about it. I know tom's tested Far Cry 3 with 7870's in crossfire and they didn't mention any problems with the game. Is there settings I can adjust to solve this problem? I don't know what half of the video settings mean. I'm using 11.1 drivers and haven't had an issue in BF3 since adding another 7870. Any thoughts?
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  1. Figured it out for now. Running the game in DX9 stops the choppyness.
  2. I seemed to have the same problem. Running at 60+ FPS but game seemed very choppy. Why include an option that they clearly haven't optimized yet... Ubisoft sure loves their PC customers....
  3. Yeah hopefully we'll see a patch eventually.
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